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The Kelly Silverstein Memorial Fund was created to honour Kelly, a family man, coach, mentor and friend, who passed away from Leukemia in 2006. An annual golf tournament was established in 2007 to raise funds in Kelly’s name. 


From 2013–2015 the proceeds of the tournament went to develop the Kelly Silverstein Memorial Basketball Court at the newly built Regent Park Athletic Grounds. This development was made possible through our partnership with the MLSE Foundation which continues to this day.

Kelly loved kids and sports. Partnering with the MLSE Foundation and their objective of making sure all kids have a right to play, is a beautiful way to honour Kelly’s memory and a great benefit to a community in need.


After reaching the goal of $500,000 raised from the golf tournament, our fundraising efforts continued with the All In For KSM Poker Tournament, organized by the “next generation”-- an organizing committee led by Kelly’s sons, Oliver and Jonah.


The All In For KSM committee has raised $150,000 over the past three years, shifting its fundraising focus supporting youth mental health by pledging $250,000 towards the
improvement, relocation, and programming costs associated with
the Wellness Room at MLSE LaunchPad.


Oliver Silverstein

Jonah Silverstein


Jill Silverstein

Jacob Charendoff

Jesse Weisblott

Max Stone


Allie Kalifer

Dana Mevorach

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